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Rector's Message

Riding on the new wave of Education

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are pleased to welcome you to ride on the new wave of academics, learning and professional success – a new kind of University experience, unique in nature but leading to the brave new worlds. You will join over 100,000 students across the country and across the globe and upon completion of your program will become part of 50,000 plus Alumni – professionals and entrepreneurs. You will not only learn and interact with the best and the brightest of the faculty but the best and brightest of the student communities – your cohorts. Whether you want to become a Computer Professional or Chartered Accountant, Scientist or Statistician, Mathematician or Molecular Biologist, Philosopher or Psychologist, Lawyer or Linguist, Diplomat or Journalist VU will hone your skills and help you unleash your mental and intellectual faculties to an unlimited world of opportunities as well as possibilities. We guide and help you to select program and degree level that is closest to your dreams. VU degree is a license to start your professional career at well-respected businesses, public corporations or pioneer your own new business or proceed to world’s acclaimed Universities for further education. If you are determined, regular and consistent to your studies and can exhibit self-motivation and self-control, VU can guarantee you the degree as well as personal and professional success.

Established in 2002 VU is the only Federally Chartered Government University in Pakistan that employs state of the art ICT based instruction technologies and supports the learners to explore new ways of learning from the elite instructors sparingly available at many traditional universities. The Virtual model leverages the working individuals in their professional growth by allowing the flexibility to advance the state of human knowledge. VU continuously exert to provide equitable access, improve efficiency, and enhance quality and relevance of the education to the national and global development needs. VU graduates are equipped with attributes and needed traits to lead the communities where they dwell.

VU embeds a unique pedagogy involving video content delivered through multiple modes including TV, the World Wide Web and DVD. Through the mobile devices your University is a few key strokes away. Comprehensive student-teacher interaction and support is provided over the Internet and supplemented using mobile devices. The University has developed world-class courses for you and in order to fully benefit from them, you should become completely familiar with the University’s Learning Management System (LMS). You will be provided a detailed orientation in order to help you to get started with your studies at VU. Let me assure you the degree bearing the signature of VU is well worth your money and effort. Welcome again to the Virtual University’s world of learning - VU is ready to transform you to a globally beneficial citizen in you chosen field of studies.

If ever you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to write to me. Your suggestions are very valuable and will help us further improve the programs of the Virtual University.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abbas Choudhary