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The Virtual University has introduced Certificate Course(s) for professionals working in the industry as well as for the public at large. The purpose of these is to retrain professionals in new emerging areas of Science & Technology as well as provide the public with an opportunity to learn basic subjects which may be of general interest. Certificate Courses are offered in five disciplines: Computer Science, General Science, Humanities, Management and Mathematics.


Each Certificate Course comprised of one semester duration (18 weeks).


Candidate can read, write and understand English language and there is no restriction on age, sex and educational qualifications. Candidate can apply for admission to maximum four (04) courses during a semester. However, students already enrolled in a Virtual University degree/diploma program are ineligible for admission towards certificate course(s).


The University mail a package comprised of Lecture Handout/DVD’s of only those course(s) that developed by the University. In case of non-availability of study material of a course(s), student will consult recommended books/material as prescribed in course(s) catalogue/LMS and will not claim for Lecture Handouts/DVDs.

However, a student is allowed to change his/her enrolled certificate course within fifteen days after the commencement of semester by providing application (signed hard copy ) to Registrar, Virtual University of Pakistan, M.A Jinnah Campus, Defence Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan or at ( Such student is required to replace the received package (if already received) by mailing Lecture Handouts & Lecture DVD’s of the course along with payment of Rs.100/- as shipment charges to VU Bookshop ( in order to receive new opted course material. However, overseas students are required to pay actual additional shipment charges for newly opted course.


The students’ study progress evaluation mechanism is based on continuous assessment throughout the semester by giving assignments, online quizzes, Graded Moderated Discussion Boards (GMDBs), mid-term and final term examinations.


Each Certificate Course is of three credit hours (except Islamic Studies and Pakistan Studies). The earned course credit hours are transferable towards degree/diploma program of the University. Course Certificate would be awarded by VU Academic Department ( to the candidate after successful completion of course work requirements.

Fee Structure

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Note: In case a student leaves the university or apply for admission cancellation then university shall not refund any paid amount. However, fee to drop/freeze certificate courses is as under:


University fee shall be charged upon enrollment in next semester in order to activate dropped course (s) or to continue next semester.


Details Local student (Rs.) Overseas student (US $)
Before mid-term Examination 1500/- 50
During Or After mid-term examination 2000/- 100

Note: University is not liable to provide Lecture Handouts & Lecture DVD’s to such students upon continuation of their Certificate Course (s) or semester.


The University is offering Certificate Course(s) from the following categories:

  1. Accounting,Banking&Finance
  2. ComputerScience/InformationTechnology
  3. Economics
  4. English
  5. HumanitiesDistribution
  6. Law
  7. Management
  8. Marketing
  9. MassCommunication
  10. Mathematics
  11. Physics
  12. Probability&Statistics
  13. Psychology
  14. Sociology
1.  Accounting, Banking & Finance
1 ACC311 Fundamentals of Auditing
2 ACC501 Business Finance
3 BNK601 Banking Laws & Practices
4 BNK603 Consumer Banking
5 FIN611 Advanced Financial Accounting
6 FIN621 Financial Statement Analysis
7 FIN622 Corporate Finance
8 FIN623 Taxation Management
9 FIN625 Credit & Risk Management
10 FIN630 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
11 MGT101 Financial Accounting
12 MGT201 Financial Management
13 MGT401 Financial Accounting II
14 MGT402 Cost & Management Accounting
15 MGT411 Money & Banking
16 MGT604 Management of Financial Institutions (alt. code=BNK604)

2.  Computer Science/Information Technology
1 CS001 VU-Computer Proficiency License
2 CS101 Introduction to Computing
3 CS201 Introduction to Programming
4 CS301 Data Structures
5 CS302 Digital Logic Design
6 CS304 Object Oriented Programming
7 CS401 Computer Architecture and Assembly Language Programming
8 CS402 Theory of Automata
9 CS403 Database Management Systems
10 CS408 Human Computer Interaction
11 CS411 Visual Programming
12 CS501 Advance Computer Architecture
13 CS502 Fundamentals of Algorithms
14 CS504 Software Engineering - I
15 CS506 Web Design and Development
16 CS507 Information Systems
17 CS508 Modern Programming Languages
18 CS601 Data Communication
19 CS602 Computer Graphics
20 CS604 Operating Systems
21 CS605 Software EngineeringII
22 CS606 Compiler Construction
23 CS607 Artificial Intelligence
24 CS609 System Programming
25 CS610 Computer Network
26 CS614 Data Warehousing
27 CS615 Software Project Management
28 IT430 E-Commerce

3.  Economics
1 ECO401 Economics
2 ECO402 Microeconomics
3 ECO403 Macroeconomics
4 ECO404 Managerial Economics

4.  English
1 ENG001 Elementary English
2 ENG101 English Comprehension
3 ENG201 Business and Technical English Writing
4 ENG301 Business Communication

5.  Humanities Distribution
1 ISL201 Islamic Studies
2 PAK301 Pakistan Studies

6.  Law
1 MGT611 Business & Labor Law
2 PSC401 Public International Law

7.  Management
1 HRM613 Performance Management
2 HRM617 Training and Development
3 HRM624 Conflict Management
4 HRM627 Human Resource Development
5 MGMT611 Human Relations (alt. code=HRM611)
6 MGMT623 Leadership & Team Management - MGMT623 (alt. code=HRM623)
7 MGMT625 Change Management
8 MGMT627 Project Management
9 MGMT628 Organizational Development (alt. code=HRM628)
10 MGMT629 Crisis Management
11 MGMT630 Knowledge Management
12 MGT111 Introduction to Public Administration
13 MGT211 Introduction To Business
14 MGT501 Human Resource Management
15 MGT502 Organizational Behaviour
16 MGT503 Principles of Management
17 MGT504 Organization Theory & Design
18 MGT510 Total Quality Management (alt. code=MGMT510)
19 MGT520 International Business
20 MGT601 SME Management
21 MGT602 Entrepreneurship
22 MGT603 Strategic Management
23 MGT610 Business Ethics
24 MGT613 Production / Operations Management
25 PSC201 International Relations

8.  Marketing
1 MGT301 Principles of Marketing
2 MKT501 Marketing Management
3 MKT530 Consumer Behaviour
4 MKT610 Customer Relationship Management
5 MKT611 Marketing Research
6 MKT621 Advertising & Promotion
7 MKT624 Brand Management
8 MKT625 Services Marketing
9 MKT630 International Marketing

9.  Mass Communication
1 MCM101 Introduction to Mass Communication
2 MCM301 Communication skills
3 MCM304 Mass Media in Pakistan
4 MCM310 Journalistic Writing
5 MCM311 Reporting and Sub-Editing
6 MCM401 Fundamentals of Public Relations
7 MCM404 Globalization of Media
8 MCM411 Introduction to Broadcasting
9 MCM511 Theories of Communication
10 MCM514 Feature & Column Writing
11 MCM515 Radio News Reporting & Production
12 MCM516 TV News Reporting & Production

10.  Mathematics
1 MTH100 General Mathematics
2 MTH101 Calculus And Analytical Geometry
3 MTH202 Discrete Mathematics
4 MTH301 Calculus II
5 MTH302 Business Mathematics & Statistics
6 MTH401 Differential Equations
7 MTH501 Linear Algebra
8 MTH601 Operations Research
9 MTH603 Numerical Analysis

11.  Physics
1 PHY101 Physics
2 PHY301 Circuit Theory

12.  Probability & Statistics
1 STA301 Statistics and Probability
2 STA630 Research Methods

13.  Psychology
1 PSY101 Introduction to Psychology
2 PSY401 Clinical Psychology
3 PSY403 Social Psychology
4 PSY404 Abnormal Psychology
5 PSY405 Personality Psychology
6 PSY407 Sport Psychology
7 PSY408 Health Psychology
8 PSY409 Positive Psychology
9 PSY502 History & Systems of Psychology
10 PSY504 Cognitive Psychology
11 PSY510 Organizational Psychology
12 PSY511 Environmental Psychology
13 PSY512 Gender Issues in Psychology
14 PSY513 Forensic Psychology
15 PSY514 Consumer Psychology
16 PSY610 Neurological Bases of Behavior
17 PSY632 Theory & Practice of Counseling

14.  Sociology
1 SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
2 SOC401 Cultural Anthropology


Courses Outline

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