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Degree ProgramAdmission Fee
(one time)
Registration Fee
(one time)
Enrollment Fee Per SemesterTuition Fee per credit hourConvocation Fee
(one time mandatory)
Associate Degree Programs 10050153550
B.Ed * (1-Year) --153550
B.Ed (1.5 Year & 2 Years) 10050153550
Bachelors 10050153550
BS 10050153550
Masters 10050154550
MS 15050255050
Deficiency Semester(s) 100-1545-
Bridging Semester for B.Ed.-Elementary (2-Year) 100-1535-
Diploma 100501545-
Specialization Certificate 100505045-
Zero Semester ** 100--** 330-
Zero Semester for MS Programs ** 100--** 550-
Short Courses ** 2525-** 190-
MBA Top-up 150-2550-
The revised fee structure is applicable to all students w.e.f. Fall 2016.
  1. Admission fee include degree verification fee.
  2. Entry Test (where applicable) will be charged @ USD 50/- and will be non-refundable.
  3. Tuition fee @ $45/- per credit hour will be charged from MS students enrolled in deficient course(s).
  4. On the enrollment of research /thesis work in MS programs, thesis fee @ $200/- will be charged in addition to per credit hour tuition fee.
  5. Convocation fee @ $50/- will be charged in the final semester of the respective batch; the payment is mandatory to get transcript, degree and other certificates from the University.
  6. Endowment fund contribution will be charged @$10/- one time during entire degree program.
* 20% discount on Tuition Fee per credit hour will remain valid for all continuing students of B.Ed (1-Year) program. However, all other dues (if any) will be charged at prescribed rates of the university.
** Tuition fee will be charged for full semester instead of per credit hour basis.

Disclaimer: The University reserves the right to change fee structure from time to time.