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Is Virtual University of Pakistan (VUP) eLearning suitable for me?
  Please answer all questions and see the score and its explanation
  About you
Mobile No. +
Example:923331122334 Country Code+Mobile Operator Code+ No

As a learner:
I know distance learning and feel absolutely comfortable with online learning method of education.
I know somewhat about distance education and online method of education.
I am new comer and know only a little about distance online method of education.
If I have to study at the Virtual Univeristy Campus:
I have sufficient time required for classes at the campus and also at home or work place.
Do not have enough time for the classes on campus but can devote extra time during evenings and week end.
I do not have sufficient time for campus visit or study at home or work place.
While working on computer I am:
Very comfortable and can download and run applications, browse the web, install software and manage files etc. without any help.
Comfortable but may need a little guidance to download, install software and run programs.
I need basic training to use a computer.
As a learner of new skills:
Always accept the challenge and enjoy working with new things.
I am comfortable and determined but usually hesitate to take initiative.
Always need help and support for new technologies.
I am a person who:
Finishes tasks/assignments according to the schedule.
Usually takes last moment to finish.
Need reminder for the timeline of the task.
In comparing online course with face to face teaching in class room in believe that:
Online courses should be easier because these can be repeated and video lectures can be listened again and again for better understanding.
Both approaches require similar efforts for learning.
I feel more comfortable in class room face to face teaching.
As a learner I am:
Fully independent and highly motivated.
Some what independent and need some motivation and support.
More dependent and require more motivation and support.
My access to internet is?
Regular and reliable.
Some-what regular and reliable.
Rarely can access internet.
My computer is able to:
Download and view online audio, videos and presentations.
Though difficult to view online audio, videos and presentations but i can manage.
Cannot download and view online audio, videos and presentations on my computer.
As far as online communication is concerned
I am very comfortable with online modes of communication including email, chats and discussion boards and social media.
I am comfortable with emails but can manage others.
I have to learn different online communication methods.