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Prime Minister's National Laptop Scheme Phase-II Important Instructions for VU ....
Published On:  Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PM's National Laptop Scheme Phase-II

Important Instructions for VU Students

VU students enrolled in following programs only are eligible to apply for the PM's National Laptop Scheme Phase II as per the table below:





Study Program Title

Enrolment after

Enrolled till

·   BS (4-Yr)

(Eq. to 16-Yr Education)

Fall 2011 i.e. [VUID’s first four digits after prefix (BS/BC) must be 1104, 1202, 1204, 1302, 1304, 1402, 1404 & 1502] only.

Spring 2015 i.e. Students admitted in Fall 2015 are ineligible to apply.

·  All Masters Programs

(Eq. to 16-Yr Education)

Fall 2013 i.e. [VUID’s first four digits after prefix (MC) must be 1304, 1402, 1404 & 1502] only.

·   MBA (3 ½ -Yr)

 Spring 2012 i.e. [VUID’s first four digits after prefix (MC) must be 1202] only.

·   MSBA/ MBA (Eq. to MS.)

(1 ½- yr)

Fall 2013 i.e. [VUID’s first four digits after prefix (MB) must be 1304, 1402 & 1404] only.

·   MSBA/ MBA (Eq. to MS.),

·   MS Bioinformatics,  and

·   M.Phil. Education (ELM)

(2-Year Programs)

Spring 2015 i.e. [VUID’s first four digits after prefix (MS/MI) must be 1502] only.

·   MSCS

 Fall 2013 i.e. [VUID’s first four digits after prefix (MS) must be 1304, 1402, 1404 & 1502] only.


























 ·   Criteria for Students enrolled in distance learning program at VU and AIOU shall be defined in coordination with

        respective universities and will be updated accordingly by HEC


·     Once your application has been successfully submitted, you will have to wait for the decision of the Higher

      Education Commission.  No one can confirm whether you will get the laptop or not.  This decision of the HEC will be

     announced and published properly.  Expected date of decision is somewhere in January or February 2016.



The following will NOT be eligible for laptops under this scheme:


1.      Students who have previously received a laptop under any Federal or Provincial Government scheme.


2.      Foreign nationals, except students from AJK and Indian Occupied Kashmir.


3.      Any other students not listed above and/ or as identified and decided by the Steering Committee.


4.     Zero & Deficiency Semester(s) students.




You may watch this video:


Read Step by Step Guide below:



How to Apply:  



1.   Open the link given below in your browser:


2.   Choose the following options from the drop down menus on the 1st page:


       a.   City : “Lahore”,

       b.  University: “Virtual University of Pakistan”

       c.   CNIC: “Your own CNIC Number without dashes”

       d.   Click “Filter Result”


3.  If you have not applied before, “Click Here” option will appear just below the table header. After clicking,

      a new page will appear wherein you will be asked to submit your CNIC no. and verifying code (captcha).

     Upon successfully submitting this information, a new page will open with following instructions &








1.    Fill the Application Form properly with complete and correct information / answers.

2.    All fields marked with * are mandatory.

3.    Enter your personal information as per your CNIC.

4.    Incorrect, false or forged information may result in cancellation of your candidature at any stage.

5.    Use your OWN email address, CNIC and mobile number for registration process, as the provided data will be used for further processing. In case of incorrect data or same email address used on behalf of other students may lead to cancellation of registration process.

6.    DO NOT leave any field blank, otherwise your application shall be rejected by the online system.

7.    Students experiencing issues or face any difficulty in filling the online application form, are advised to contact Focal Person(s) of their respective university / institute. Please refer to SEARCH FOCAL PERSON tab above.

8.    Use good Internet, with Recommended Browsers (chrome, firefox, Microsoft edge) for proper submission to avoid any issue.

9.    Students are advised to refer to the tooltips marked as against each parameter of the online application form.


1.    I hereby solemnly declare that the Personal and Academic information provided in the forms are correct, and have neither been altered nor tampered with. The Personal information (Name, CNIC etc.) entered is related to my identity and I have filled the registration form as per the instructions given.

2.    Further, I declare that I will not indulge in the unlawful act of selling the assets given to me for business/profit generation and if found guilty on any such grounds, I shall be held responsible for any legal action thereof.

3.    I also understand that in case of falsification of information or the wrong, missing and forged information supplied/concealment of correct information, I shall be held responsible for the legal action and ultimately will be disqualified from any benefits of the scheme. I am providing the required information which is exact as per my academic record and request for consideration of my application for the scheme.




4.  After reading the above text carefully, click “Accept & Continue” button at the bottom of the page, if you agree with the

     terms & conditions.


5.  Carefully enter the following information in the form:





Personal Information:

Full Name*:                                            Enter your full name (As per VU Record)

Father's Name*:                                    Enter your father's full name

Date of Birth*:                                       DoB (As per VU record)

Gender*:                                                 Male / Female

Permanent Address*:                           Enter your postal address

City of Permanent Address:                Choose your City

Employment Status*:                           Employed OR Not Employed


Then, Click “Next step”


Academic Information:

Enrollment Number:                              Enter your VU Registration number NOT your VUID.    [Registration No. is visible in your profile on VULMS]

Note: Those students who did not wait for the instructions and filled the forms using VUID numbers will be managed by VU. They are not required to edit or submit another application.

Date of Admission:                                  “Date of your Admission in current Program” [Check your “Student Profile on VULMS for the Date]

Date of Completion:                                 Calculate and enter “Expected Date of Completion of your degree program”

Are you enrolled as disabled Student?  Yes / No

City of University*:                                    Choose “Lahore”

University*:                                                Select “Virtual University of Pakistan”

Campus*:                                                    Select “Main Campus”

University Department*:                         Select your respective department as per VU website 

Note: For CS & IT Programs: Choose Department of Computer Science & IT" rather than "Department of Computer Science & Information Technology)

Degree Level*:                                           Choose level of your degree program  (All Master degree & BS degree programs students should choose 16 years of education and MS are equivalent 18 years)

Degree Program*:                                    Choose your respective degree program. (Note: If exact name is not available then choose as per level of the program i.e. BS (Hons.) for Master Degrees which are equivalent to 16 years of study)

System (Annual/Semester)*:                  Semester

Semester*:                                                 Check and enter attended semesters’ information [from your VULMS profile, Fall 2015/ Current Semester is not included]

Year of Study*:                                          Calculate and choose no. of years till spring 2015 Semester

Percentage Secured in HSc or Eqv*:     Enter your percentage in Intermediate  e.g. if it is 87.35 then 87 in 1st box and 35 in 2nd box

Grading System*:                                      Choose an appropriate option

Percentage in Last Exam*:                      Enter your last degree’s percentage, as applicable.

CGPA / GPA in Last Exam*:                     Enter your effective C/GPA you scored till/in spring 2015 semester i.e. your current effective CGPA to-date.


Then, Click “Next step”


Contact Verification:


Cell phone number*:                          Enter your valid cell number (Numbers shifted on other networks are having problem in receiving code)

Cell phone verification code*:             Enter the code you will receive on your given cell number

Email*:                                                     Enter your VU e-mail ID (

Email verification code*:                      Enter the code you will receive on your given e-mail ID

Enter Captcha:                                        Enter Verification Code (Captcha)


6.    Carefully review your application entries and if satisfied then click "Submit" button. If you submit the form with wrong entries, it cannot be edited because you are submitting information to HEC servers.

Note: Those who have made mistake in their entries, should not worry, as we will take care of such issues with HEC while compiling the data.

7.    In case of any ambiguity or difficulty, please visit the following web link for FAQs:

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