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Course Development


Courses Needing Development/ Updating 


VU requires the developed course contents in the form of:

  1. Well-rehearsed and timed recorded video of each lesson.
  2. Support material for TV Inserts, which includes, e.g., Slides, Graphics, and Video Clips.
  3. Support material for Web Inserts, which includes e.g., Slides, Graphics, animation, and Video Clips.
  4. Assignments, exams (mid term and final), etc.

To achieve the above mentioned, responsibilities of the professor and VU are outlined in the following:

A. Responsibilities of Professor
  1. Development of detailed course outline based on curriculum defined by VU/HEC. Where a course outline is not available on the VU web site (/AcademicPrograms/CoursesCatalogue.aspx), the Professor may wish to refer to the approved HEC curricula. However, it is assumed that the professor would be experienced enough to suggest modifications/changes to the course outlines. A lesson plan with course calendar (first lecture = day ONE), and grading scheme (weightage etc.) should also be developed.
  2. For each lecture to be recorded:
    1. Prepare a detailed script (for Professor’s own reference)
    2. Rehearse timings as per VU requirements
    3. Prepare slides (e.g., PPTs, to be provided electronically)
    4. Prepare graphics (Figure, tables, etc., to be provided electronically)
    5. Define animations for video insertions where appropriate
  3. Recording of lectures (minimum 4) every week on scheduled days/times decided in consultation with VU and its production team.
  4. Provide lecture support materials for web based contents in electronic form consisting of, but not limited to, the following:
    1. Lesson Notes
    2. Slides
    3. Graphics and Animations
    4. Links to other resources
    5. Further reading (support) material
    6. Solved examples
    7. Video Clips
  5. Develop homework assignments along with worked out solutions and grading rubrics, four sets each of mid and final term exams along with worked out solutions (the objective and subjective portion may be roughly 50% each)., all material to be submitted to VU in electronic form.
  6. All research, acquisition and development of lecture/course support material will be responsibility of the professor.
  7. An assistant to be provided by the professor for timing, quality assurance (QA) and insertions of slides/graphics/animation/clips in the video lecture at VU premises.
  8. The professor will be responsible for reviewing the recorded lecture immediately after the recording session to identify any mistake either in content or in delivery and take necessary steps to remove the same in the next recording session.  The same review should also be used to determine the sequencing/relevance of the support material.  The material, along with the reviewed video, should be provided to VU within two days of the review.
B. Responsibilities of VU
  1. Arrangement of recording shifts/sessions for the Professor in coordination with the productions team.
  2. Converting electronic materials into animations, developing any needed graphics, and preparation of slides for TV insertions for broadcast and web based content.
  3. Putting up the web version of the lecture/notes/slides etc., on the LMS.
  4. Providing editing services for producing broadcast videos.
C. General Guidelines
  1. The total recorded time of each lecture should be strictly between 48 – 50 minutes. Rehearsals should be used to perfect the timings.
  2. The language to be used for the lectures should be extremely simple and understandable for a nation-wide audience.
  3. Wherever possible, theory should be explained with the help of examples taken from everyday life. Again, keeping in view the nation-wide audience, the examples should be carefully chosen to be understandable for students coming from all backgrounds (big city, small town, rural areas etc.)
D. Guidelines for Preparing Proposal
  1. Interested Professors/Academics/Practitioners should send a recent CV along with a proposed outline of the course to be developed by email to
  2. VU will then contact the professors for all subsequent steps of the course development process, including auditioning, selection, detailed session plans and recording of the video lectures.