Whereas the Virtual University of Pakistan provides facilities of education to students at their doorstep in Pakistan and abroad, and whereas the Virtual University provides this education through a network of campuses including those in the private sector, it has become necessary to establish a framework for the governance and smooth operation of private campuses and not directly owned or operated by the Virtual University; now, therefore, the following rules are framed

1) Short title , extent , commencement and application

These Rules may be called “The Virtual University of Pakistan Private Virtual Campus Rules, 2011”.

  1. They shall come into force at once.
  2. They shall apply to all Private Virtual Campuses of Virtual University of Pakistan, in Pakistan or abroad.

2) Definitions

In these Rules, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context

  1. “Appellate Authority” means the Rector, Virtual University of Pakistan.
  2. “Committee” means the Committee for Private Virtual Campuses constituted under these rules.
  3. “Private Virtual Campus (PVC)” means a campus established by the Private sector and duly approved by the University.
  4. “PVC Portal” means the Web Portal maintained by the University for PVCs.

All other expressions and terms used in these rules shall have the same meanings as are assigned to them under Section 2 of the Virtual University Ordinance, 2002.

3) Rules

  1. The PVC shall regularly maintain all information about the campus on the PVC Portal.
  2. The PVC shall only be allowed to operate in premises explicitly approved by the University.
  3. The PVC shall prominently display the prescribed VU sign board at the campus.
  4. The PVC shall offer study programs as per instructions of the University.
  5. The PVC, if designated as an Examination Centre by the University, shall
    1. Facilitate and conduct all tests and examinations as required by the University from time to time.
    2. Ensure that all tests and examinations are conducted in an atmosphere that upholds the sanctity of the examination process.
    3. Be held responsible for any attempt involving the campus management or staff to subvert the examination process through unfair means and/or favoritism.
    4. PVC is not allowed to refuse the conduct of examination after being declared as exam center and launch of datesheet. In case of refusal, one month share shall be forfeited and case shall be forwarded to CPVC for suitable decision which may lead to blacklisting as examination center.
  6. The PVC shall maintain all declared and inspected equipment in good working order at the campus.
  7. The PVC is prohibited from obtaining or accepting student passwords for their Learning Management System or email for any purpose whatsoever.
  8. The PVC is not allowed to use logo of Government of Pakistan for whatsoever purpose.
  9. The PVC is not allowed to use the VU logo on any stationery other than in a format specifically approved by the University.
  10. The PVC is not allowed to issue any letter, certificate, diploma, degree to any person on behalf of the University.
  11. The PVC shall follow all rules and instructions issued by the University from time to time.
  12. The PVC is not allowed to receive any University related fees or dues directly from the students.
  13. The PVC shall frame, prominently display and implement Discipline Rules at the campus.
  14. The PVC is not allowed to undertake any activity against the interests of the University.
  15. In case a Campus intends to withdraw its PVC status, it shall inform the University, in writing, at least three months prior to the intended date of withdrawal.
  16. The University shall have the right to declare or revoke the designation of PVC as an Examination centre of the University at any time.
  17. The University shall have the right to inspect the PVC or ask for any other information, document etc, pertinent to the PVC, at any time.
  18. The University shall have the right to impose any penalty on any PVC at any time.
  19. The PVC is not allowed to change address / ownership without intimation and authorization. Unauthorized change of address / ownership will lead to immediate suspension of the PVC status.
  20. PVC is responsible to make necessary arrangements with respect to the security of campus, staff and its students. Security instructions circulated from VU-HO from time to time are required to be implemented immediately.
  21. PVC is not allowed to operate any other distance education university campus at the premises affiliated with Virtual University of Pakistan. This shall be treated as conflict of interest which may result in immediate suspension of the status of PVC.

4) Committee for Private Virtual Campuses (CPVC)

There shall be a committee, appointed by the Rector, called “Committee for Private Virtual Campuses” (CPVC). The CPVC shall be responsible for all matters relating to Private Virtual Campuses.

a) The Committee shall consist of

i. An Officer of the University Chairperson
ii. Director Campuses Member
iii. Three employees of the University, not below E-II scale. Members
iv. One employee of the University, not below E-IV Secretary

5) Powers and Functions of CPVC

The CPVC shall

  1. Evaluate applications for grant of PVC status and
    1. Recommended issuance of NOC; or
    2. Recommended grant of PVC status; or
    3. Identify deficiencies in the proposed campus and allow time for removal of the same; or
    4. Reject the application.
  2. Consider re-survey and verification reports and recommend appropriate actions.
  3. Recommend the award of PVC status to any institute at any time in accordance to the needs/requirements of the University.
  4. Define and impose appropriate penalty(s) for any violation of these rules.

6) Appeal

The applicant institution or PVC shall have the right of appeal, only once, against the decision of CPVC. The decision of the Appellate Authority will be final.

7) Removal of Difficulties

In a case where the operation of these rules involves un-due hardship, the Board may, on the recommendation of the Rector, give appropriate directions to remove such difficulty.