The interested persons / parties, who intend to become Private Virtual Campus of the Virtual University of Pakistan, are required to submit the following information / documents:

    1. Attested copy of the Applicant’s Computerized National Identity Card
    2. Potential of the area in terms of student base
    3. Number of intermediate & degree colleges in the area
    4. Demographics of the city / area
    5. Proposed geographical market (catchments area)
    6. Anticipated student growth in the next five years at your proposed campus
    7. Total & covered area of the proposed premises
    8. Drawing of the proposed building
    9. Photographs of the interior and exterior of the building (if constructed)
    10. Map of the location clearly showing the approach and building location
    11. Nearest landmarks

  1. On receipt of the above mentioned documents and applicable fee, the Committee for Private Virtual Campuses (CPVC) will study and evaluate the proposed plan and if it is found feasible, shall authorize a site visit.

  2. If the site is determined to be suitable, the applicant may be invited to present the plan in person.

  3. Thereafter, the CPVC may approve or reject the proposal.

  4. If the proposal is approved, the University will issue an NOC with specific conditions and timelines mentioned therein.

  5. Once all the conditions mentioned in the NOC have been met as per the agreed upon timeline, the applicant shall apply for a verification visit by the University and deposit the fee prescribed for this purpose.

  6. The CPVC shall, based on the verification survey report, satisfy itself that all required conditions have been met.

  7. The Campus shall then be declared a Private Virtual Campus (PVC) of Virtual University of Pakistan and issued a Campus Code.

  8. No operations shall be allowed till the Campus Code has been formally issued by the University.

  9. In case the completion deadline prescribed in the NOC is not met, the applicant may apply for an extension in the completion date, ONCE ONLY. The application must state the reasons for the delay in detail, and be accompanied by the prescribed fee. Such an application must be received within two weeks of the prescribed completion date. No subsequent extensions will be allowed. 


  • Applications must be complete in all respects. Incomplete applications will not be considered and the fee will not be refunded in any case.
  • Queries should be addressed to

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