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Tech-Enabled Research Training Workshop (PDC)
Islamabad Studio inauguration
Entrepreneurship Seminar at VU Faisalabad Campus
VU 13th Convocation Quetta
National Conference on STEM: Practices and Prospects in Assessment and Evaluation
Talk by Mr. Inzamam-ul-Haq (Finding Faith in Modern Times)
Programming Fundamentals in Python Training Workshop (PDC)
20-year celebration ceremony & Annual Dinner 2024
Alumni Dinner Bahawalpur 2024
VU 13th Convocation Bahawalpur
VU 13th Convocation Faisalabad
VU 13th Convocation Karachi
VU 13th Convocation Narowal
IT Graduates Test
VU 13th Convocation Lahore
VU 13th Convocation Islamabad
Seminar on “Workplace and Sexual Harassment”
MOU between (National Vocational and Technical Training Commission) NAVTTC & VU
Seminar on mental health awareness
Students Integration Camp Islamabad, 09th to 13th October 2023
14th August 2023
DQE,1st National Boot Camp on Instructional Design in e-Learning
STEM Workshop (Islamabad) by DTC-Pakistan under PDC VU
STEM Workshop (Lahore) by DTC-Pakistan under PDC VU
The Centre for Genomics and Proteomics at KSK officially started its operations
Entrepreneurship as a Viable Career Option (VU ORIC & LCWU)
Alumni dinner Islamabad 2023
VU 12th Convocation – Islamabad
ORIC seminar on Entrepreneurship under BIC
Mobile App Development Workshop
VU 12th Convocation – Karachi
Award Ceremony of Lesson Plan Writing Competition
VU 12th Convocation – Lahore
VU 11th Convocation – Lahore
VU 12th Convocation – Multan
VU 12th Convocation – Faisalabad
VU 12th Convocation - Sialkot
Seminar-cum-Workshop “Planning a Household Survey Evidence from Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS)”
Breast Cancer Awareness Session
MOU between (Karakoram International University) KIU & VU
Public Procurement Management and Procedures
Statistical data analysis using SSPS
Media Freelancing in Digital Age
ORIC Training under BC Project
14th August VU (KSK) event 2022
3rd International Symposium on World Camel Day - Camel: An amazing species
Motivational Seminar "The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dream"
MOU signing ceremony between VU & PSEB
Hands on Training Workshop on Building and Designing High Performance Computing Clusters
H.E. The President, Dr. Arif Alvi`s Visit to VU
Webinar on Understanding Quaid`s Vision of Success
IP Seminar
Academia and Youth as Drivers of SDGs Localization and Acceleration
Training Workshop For Program and Assessment Teams
Bioinformatics & Computational Methods in the Post Genomic Era
Seminars on HPC, ANN and Data Visualization
Visit of Project Coordinator (HEDP) HEC, Maryam Riaz Wattoo
4 Days Hands-on Workshop on Data Analytics
Symposium , Challenges and Prospects of Digital Socialization of Youth in Interdisciplinary Context Confirmation
PM wheelchair distribution ceremony (Faisalabad)
Chinese Economic Development Model & CPEC
14th August, 2021 celebration
GIKI Admission Test 2021
ECAT 2021 (The Engineering College Admission Test)
Workshop on "Assessment in E-Learning and Quality Assurance Challenges"
WORLD CAMEL DAY International Symposium
Strategic Pillars of Digital Pakistan Policy
1st International Conference on THE YAK
MoU Signing Ceremony with Civil Services Academy (CSA) Lahore
Visit of Minhaj Uni. Team
Visit of CEO ETC HEC
Visit of Syed Amin Ul Haque , Federal Minister (IT & Telecommunication)
VU 11th Convocation Quetta
VU 11th Convocation Karachi
Meeting with Director Civil Services Academy
CEO testing Council HEC
UET`s ECAT 2020
VU 11th Convocation Peshawar
VU 11th Convocation Islamabad
VU 11th Convocation - Multan
VU 11th Convocation - Faisalabad
VU 11th Convocation - Sialkot
VU 10th Convocation - Bahawalpur
Message for Students by Federal Minister for IT & Telecom
Federal Minister of IT & Telecom Talk to Media
VU 10th Convocation - Karachi
VU 10th Convocation - Islamabad
VU 10th Convocation - Lahore
VU 10th Convocation - Sialkot
VU 10th Convocation - Faisalabad
VU 9th Convocation - Faisalabad
VU 9th Convocation - Islamabad
VU 9th Convocation - Lahore
VU 9th Convocation - Bahawalpur
VU 9th Convocation - Karachi
VU 9th Convocation - Sialkot
VU partners with IGNITE for DigiSkills Project inaugurated by Prime Minister
ICSSH 2017
ELDEC 2017
2017 ICAFS and 7th ICBB
8th Convocation - Karachi
8th Convocation - Bahawalpur
PM Laptop Distribution Ceremony (June, 2017)
8th Convocation - Lahore
8th Convocation - Islamabad
8th Convocation - Faisalabad
8th Convocation - Sialkot
PM`s Laptop Distribution Ceremony held at M.A Jinnah Campus (January, 2017)
PM`s Laptop Distribution Ceremony held at VU, Islamabad Campus (December, 2016)
Intl. Conference on Genomics & Biotechnology
PKSIG 2016
Seminar on Aging Research held at VU
PM`s Laptop Distribution Ceremony held at VU (Oct 13-14, 2016)
PM`s Laptop Distribution Ceremony held at VU
7th Convocation (2016) - Faisalabad Event
7th Convocation (2016) - Multan Event
7th Convocation (2016) - Islamabad Event
7th Convocation (2016) - Karachi Event
7th Convocation (2016) - Lahore Event
World Migratory Bird Day (May 10, 2016)
Maldives Delegation visits Virtual University (May 9, 2016)
Virtual University 1st Alumni Dinner (April 9, 2016)
7th Convocation (2016) - Sialkot Event
6th Convocation (2015) - Islamabad Event
6th Convocation (2015) - Lahore Event
6th Convocation (2015) - Multan Event
6th Convocation (2015) - Karachi Event
6th Convocation (2015) - Faisalabad Event
6th Convocation (2015) - Sialkot Event
5th Convocation (2014) - Lahore Event
5th Convocation (2014) - Islamabad Event
5th Convocation (2014) - Karachi Event
5th Convocation (2014) - Multan Event
Workshop on online Education by USAID in Coordination with Virtual University of Pakistan)
4th Convocation (2013) - Lahore Event
4th Convocation (2013) - Rawalpindi Event
4th Convocation (2013) - Karachi Event
3rd Convocation (2012) - Lahore Event
3rd Convocation (2012) - Rawalpindi Event
3rd Convocation (2012) - Peshawar Event
3rd Convocation (2012) - Multan Event
3rd Convocation (2012) - Karachi Event
VU Celebrations for 10 Years of Excellence
2nd Convocation (2011) - Lahore Event
2nd Convocation (2011) - Karachi Event
2nd Convocation (2011) - Rawalpindi Event
Medal Ceremony for 1st Convocation (2010)
1st Convocation (2010) - Lahore Event
1st Convocation (2010) - Rawalpindi Event
1st Convocation (2010) - Karachi Event
1st Convocation (2010) - Peshawar Event
1st Convocation (2010) - Quetta Event
1st Convocation (2010) - Jamshoro Event