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MBA (Top-up) Program

(For VU Graduates holding MBA (3.5/ 2.5/ 1.5) year Course-Work Degrees)


It has been observed that Virtual University’s graduates holding MBA (3.5/ 2.5/ 1.5) year course-work degrees are facing problems while seeking admission towards Ph.D. Programs in Business Administration and related fields due to not having done thesis during their last degrees. Although, the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad has issued Equivalence Certificates clearly stating that said programs are equivalent to MS in Business Administration but HEC cannot force the universities to grant admission.Therefore, the Virtual University of Pakistan has launched MBA (Top-up) Program for its above mentioned graduates in order to equip them with Research Tools & Techniques and make them apply their knowledge and research skills in the form of Research Thesis. It will cover up their deficiency for admission towards Ph.D. programs.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

The VU graduates holding MBA (3.5/ 2.5/ 1.5) year degree with CGPA of at least 3.00 are eligible to apply.


  • Zero Semester is not applicable for MBA Top Up Program.


It is minimum one semester duration program which can be extended up to two semesters only. Each semester has at least 18 weeks duration.

Courses of Study

The students will be required to earn seven (07) credit hours as prescribed below:

  1. STA730 – Advanced Research Methods        (1 – Credit Hour)
  2. RTS720 – Research Thesis                             (6 – Credit Hours)

Areas of Specialization

 • Banking  • Management
 • Human Resource Management  • Marketing
 • Finance

Assessment of Study Progress

  • Assessment will include thesis defense and will be done on “Pass/Fail” basis, as no grade will be awarded by the University.
  • Maximum two attempts/ chances will be given for defense of the thesis.
  • In case of failure in 2nd attempt, admission will be cancelled and no fee will be refunded.

Award of Degree

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded a certificate in which reference of their previous transcript will be given and it will be used in combination with previous transcript.

Note: Previously issued transcript/ degree will not be revised.

Fee Structure

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The University reserves the right to change fee structure from time to time.