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MS in Business Administration


The Faculty of Management offers MSBA (2-year / 4-semesters) program in Business Administration. The program has been designed for candidates who intend to pursue their professional career as teaching faculty member in an educational institution or serve the industry at senior management position. The program provides opportunities to learn special business techniques required to excel in the challenging and rapidly changing world. The students will have an option to select any one of the areas of specialization offered that is ‘Banking’, ‘Finance’, ‘Human Resource Management’, ‘Management’, ‘Marketing’ and Supply Chain Management.

Program Objectives

  • To develop research and analysis skills in students to cope contemporary businesses’ problems;
  • To inculcate scholarly and philosophical thinking among the students;
  • To provide a foundation to get a doctorate degree in business studies.

Admission Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates having 16-year education [BS in Business Administration, BS in Commerce, BBA (Accounting & Finance), BBA (Banking & Finance), BS (Accounting & Finance), BS (Banking & Finance), BBA(IT/MIS), BS (Management), BS (Marketing), MBA (Accounting & Finance), MBA (Banking & Finance), MBA (IT/MIS), Old MBA, MBS, M.Com, ACMA, ACA, and VU graduates holding BS (Public Administration), Master of Accounting, Master of Finance, Master of Accounting & Finance, Master of Banking & Finance and MBA-Executive (72-Cr. Hrs.)] degrees and other relevant equivalent qualification with at least Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) 2.50 out of 4 / 1st division, wherein GPA system is not implemented, are eligible to apply.
  • The candidates will also be required to qualify VU Entry Test (with minimum 50% marks).
  • Limited seats on merit basis.


  • Candidate holding MPA, BBA (ITM), BBIT, and MBA (ITM) etc. may be considered for admission through Deficiency Semesters, as prescribed by the University, however, candidates having studied common deficiency course(s) will be considered for course exemptions on case to case basis. In case of other relevant qualification, candidates may be required to provide equivalence letter/certificate from Higher Education Commission.
  • The candidates with 16-year non-business education [BE, MBBS, MA, M.Sc., and other equivalent qualifications from a recognized university/institution] will be required to qualify at least 36-credit hours of Deficiency Semesters business courses before they could become eligible for admission towards MS in Business Administration program.

Merit Calculation Formula for Admission to MSBA Program

Note: For semester system, use following formula to calculate percentage:
     Bachelors:      Masters:
          In case of GPA out of 4:           In case of GPA out of 4:
          Merit Score = ( (Obtained CGPA/5) + 0.1) * 0.15           Merit Score = ( (Obtained CGPA/5) + 0.1) * 0.20
          In case of GPA out of 5:           In case of GPA out of 5:
          Merit Score = ( (Obtained CGPA/8) + 0.1) * 0.15           Merit Score = ( (Obtained CGPA/8) + 0.1) * 0.20

Note: The MSBA Program is available for applicants residing within Pakistan only and is not available for overseas students (w.e.f. Fall 2018). If any student wishes to move overseas after gaining admission, he/she will be required to withdraw from the program.

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Course Exemption

Course(s) exemption is not allowed.


It is a two-year duration program spread over four semesters. Each semester has at least 18 weeks duration.
Degree Completion Duration

Courses of Study

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Areas of Specialization

A student must qualify at least four courses from an area of selected specialization. However, Graduates of Virtual University of Pakistan having specialization in their previous degree program will not be allowed to select the same area of specialization. Following are the areas of specialization:

 • Banking
 • Management
 • Human Resource Management
 • Marketing
 • Finance
 • Supply Chain Management

Assessment of Study Progress

The students study progress evaluation mechanism is based on continuous assessment throughout the semester by giving assignments, quizzes, Graded Discussion Boards (GDBs), mid-term and final-term examinations.

Guidelines for Research Thesis

In order to be eligible for Research Thesis, students must have:

  1. Earned at least 18 credit hours (including 4 core and 2 specialization courses);
  2. Achieved a CGPA of 3.25 or higher;
  3. Selected an area of specialization and qualified at least two courses of relevant area of specialization;
  4. There are limited seats for research thesis track, therefore thesis will be offered only to the limited candidates having highest CGPAs after determining merit. A test may also be organized to shortlist students for thesis.


  • Right of determining number of seats for Research Thesis track is reserved with the Department/Virtual University of Pakistan. Department will determine number of seats for thesis in each semester depending on the availability of research supervisors.

Those students who are not eligible for Research Thesis will be offered two courses in lieu of Research Thesis.

Guidelines for Two Courses in lieu of Research Thesis

In order to enrol for two courses in lieu of Research Thesis, students must have:

  1. achieved a CGPA of 2.50 or higher;
  2. earned 18 or more credit hours;
  3. selected an area of specialization and qualified the required two courses of relevant area of specialization.

Award of Degree

To become eligible for the award of MS in Business Administration degree, students are required to complete at least 30 Credit Hours of prescribed courses [For Research Thesis track: 24 Cr. Hrs. course work + 6 Cr. Hrs. Research Thesis and for Coursework Track: 30 Cr. Hrs.] with minimum CGPA of 2.50 out of 4.

Fee Structure

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  • The courses may be revised time to time as a result of continuous review to bring them at par with courses being taught at top-class foreign universities. While reviewing the courses, needs of local industry and job market are also given full consideration.
  • The University reserves the right to change fee structure from time to time.

Master of Science Business Administration ( upto fall 2016)
MBA (Equ. to MS) ( upto fall 2016)