The information and instructions in this section are meant for applicants who intend to become Private Virtual Campuses of the Virtual University of Pakistan.


  1. The information about the institution/ building provided by the applicant must be accurate in all respects. In case of any misstatement, the filed application is liable to be rejected.

  2. In case the applicant changes the name of the institution/ building, its location or ownership, after filing the application, the pending application will become null and void.

  3. The application fee will not be refunded in any case.

  4. Until and unless PVC status is awarded by the University, it is not allowed to display any VU admission / marketing material / banner or sign board / billboard etc. containing the VU logo or name. Violation of this condition may lead to rejection of the pending application.

  5. Grant of PVC status shall in no way entitle the PVC to be declared as an Examination Center.

  6. The University reserves the right to grant or refuse PVC status to any applicant without assigning any reason.

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