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BS (Marketing)


The Faculty of Management offers a 4-year 8 semester program leading to a BS Degree in Marketing. The program has been designed for candidates having 12-years education who want to adopt business as career and like to enhance their marketing skills. The program is expected to provide opportunities to the students to learn variety of marketing techniques being used in the challenging business world. Marketing is an exceptionally broad field encompassing a wide range of business activities and can be applied to almost every occupational field. In 21st century, every firm needs marketing people to discover, measure and analyze markets; develop and manage products and services; manage storage and distribution; create and manage advertising, promotion and sales; design rational pricing policies; and maintain positive customer relations.

  1. Program offers excellent employment and advancement opportunities to the students along with entrepreneurial skills that enable students to start and operate their own companies or enter an existing family business.
  2. The Bachelor of Science in Marketing (BS-Marketing) is four-year (8 semesters) program and designed for candidates having 12-years education. Apart from students with commerce & business backgrounds, there is sufficient flexibility in our program to allow students from arts & science backgrounds to get admission in BS – Marketing.

Program Objectives

  • To provide orientation on the theoretical aspects of marketing
  • To provide sufficient background knowledge of different functional areas of an organization with which marketing works
  • To enable students to know the use of different tools of marketing management
  • To equip students with the required knowledge and skills required for marketing decision making
  • To orient students on the practical aspects of marketing management

Admission Eligibility Criteria

Intermediate (equivalent to 12 years of education) with at least 45% marks.


  • Candidates having ‘A’ levels are required to provide equivalence certificate from Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC), Islamabad. (
  • Candidates having less than 45% marks will be eligible for admission after successful completion of “Zero  Semester”.

Course Exemption

Course(s) exemption is allowed.


It is four-year full time study program spread over eight semesters. Each semester has at least 18 weeks duration for teaching and examinations etc.
Degree Completion Duration

Courses of Study

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Assessment of Study Progress

The students’ study progress evaluation mechanism is based on continuous assessment throughout the semester by giving assignments, on-line quizzes, graded moderated discussion boards (GMDBS), mid-term and final-term exams. The mid and final term exams are conducted at VU’s designated exam centers and usually count for 80 to 85% of the total marks for a course.


Students are required to complete a Project/ Internship Report in the final semester of their BS in Management program. The choice of the final project is at the student’s discretion. However, consultation with the student advisor is compulsory. Students have to submit a detailed write-up of the Project and may be required to give a presentation.
Student taking Internship course are required to complete 6 to 8 weeks internship in the organization and shall get internship letter from the concerned organization. The students who are already in service shall be exempted from Internship but required to submit the Project.

Award of Degree

To be eligible for the award BS degree, the students are required to complete prescribed course work of 132 credit hours with a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.0 out of 4.

Fee Structure

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  • The courses may be revised time to time as a result of continuous review to bring them at par with courses from being taught at top-class foreign universities. While reviewing the courses, needs of local industry and job market are also given full consideration.
  • The University reserves the right to change fee structure from time to time.