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COURSE OUTLINE OF ENG001: Elementary English
Lecture No. Description
1 Why writing skills are viewed as crucial
2 Writer as a communicator
3 Qualities and the concerns of a good writer
4 Good and bad writing
5 Principles of effective and meaningful writing
6 Journalistic Writing Process: Inventing and Collecting.
7 Journalistic Writing Process: Organizing, Drafting, Revising, and Proofreading.
8 Journalist’s Word Choices
9 Dictionary – a Writer’s Language Tool
10 Grammatical Sentence: Parts of speech
11 Grammatical Sentence: Basic clause pattern
12 A grammatical sentence: Actives and Passives
13 A grammatical sentence: Modifiers, Sentence types
14 A grammatical sentence: Reported speech
15 A grammatical sentence: Subject verb agreement, Problems with pronouns
16 A grammatical sentence: Adjective and adverbs, sentence fragments, comma splices and fused sentences
17 An effective sentence: Unity, Coherence, Emphasis, Parallelism, needed words, Shifts, Choppy sentences, Sentence variety
18 Style – Guidelines and Pitfalls I
19 Style – Guidelines and Pitfalls II
20 Paragraph writing: Unity, coherence and development in a paragraph. Simple listing paragraphs, order of importance paragraphs,
21 Time-order paragraphs; spatial order paragraphs; multi-paragraph composition
22 Essay writing: Essay and High Impact Language
23 Signal Words (transitions) for text’s organizational structure
24 The writing styles: Expository and report writing,
25 The writing styles: Descriptive and narrative writing,
26 The writing styles: Persuasive writing
27 Research writing and documenting sources – APA and MLA
28 Summarizing and Précis writing
29 Punctuation
30 Mechanics