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COURSE OUTLINE OF MTH001: Elementary Mathematics
Segment I: Discrete Mathematics
Lecture No. Description
1 Logic
2 Truth Table
3 Logic Equivalence,  Laws of the Algebra of Propositions, Translating Word Statements to Symbolic Notation & Vice Versa
4 BiConditional Statements and their Equivalence
5 Arguments, Valid and In Valid arguments
6 Sets, Venn Diagram and Membership Table
7 Operations on sets,Venn Diagrams for operations on sets
8 Ordered Pairs, Relations and Matrix Representation of a matrix
9 Types of relations and Directed graph
10 Irreflexive and antisymmetric relations and partially ordered relations
11 Functions, Domain Codomain and Range
12 Types of function
13 Sequence, Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence
14 Series ,Sum of Arithmetic and Geometric Series
Segment II: Business Mathematics
Lecture No. Description
15 Performing basic arithmetic operations using Microsoft Excel
16 Basic calculations of percentages and investments using Microsoft Excel
17 Discount, Simple and compound interest, Average due date

Annuity, Accumulated value, Accumulation Factor, Discount Factor, Discounted value

19 Matrix, its Dimension and Types of matrix
20 Operations on Matrices
21 Merchandising
Segment III: Statistics
Lecture No. Description
22 Introduction to Statistics
23 Data Representation
24 The Central Tendency of a data-set
25 Median, Empirical Relation, Quartiles
26 Geometric mean, Harmonic mean & relationship between them
27 Measures of Dispersion
28 Mean Deviation, Standard Deviation and Variance & Coefficient of variation
29 Permutations, Combinations
30 Definitions of Probability
31 Relative Frequency, Axiomatic Definition & Laws of Probability
32 Independent and Dependent Events, Multiplication Theorem & Marginal Probability